Today, as a result of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 and the worldwide Port State Control initiative, tough new regulations have been enacted to help prevent environmental disasters and ensure the safety and security of our ports.

While this is good news for the public at large, it can spell disaster for unsuspecting ship owners, operators, and managers who now face the possibility of unlimited financial liability for pollution damages and delays or detentions of their vessels in port.
That's where Compliance Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Colonial Group Inc, can help. Offering a turnkey solution to complicated regulations, CSI's "Total Compliance Program" has proven over time to be successful in satisfying stringent U.S. Coast Guard, international, and individual U.S. state regulations for member ships.

Annual enrollment provides a service that is specifically designed to reduce port delays, increase safety and environmental awareness, and document the client's good faith efforts in ship safety and environmental compliance.

Clients are provided a wide range of compliance, training, preparedness and response services to satisfy the ever changing and expanding U.S., international, and state regulations. Not only is the system effective, it's also economical. By following this program, Compliance Systems, Inc. guarantees to completely eliminate routine U.S. Coast Guard citations for member ships. The bottom-line ...safer ships, cost-effective operations, on-time performance, and a cleaner environment.