Compliance Systems, Inc.

Key Personnel within our Organization

With our corporate office located in Savannah, Georgia, CSI has a full time staff and a network of contract response and inspection personnel on the U.S. Gulf, East and West Coasts, Singapore, and Europe. Our staff consists of quality-oriented professionals with a wide range of experience in safety and environmental compliance, as well as technical and operational matters, and includes former Coast Guard officers, Master Mariners and Chief Engineers. Key personnel within our organization include the following:

Richard C. Wigger, Captain, U.S. Coast Guard (Ret.) – General Manager

Captain Wigger is a graduate of the State University of New York Maritime College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marine Transportation and George Washington University with a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Captain Wigger has extensive experience in the U.S. Coast Guard’s marine safety, port security and environmental protection programs. From 1971 until 1998 he served in the U.S. Coast Guard in various positions, including: Officer in Charge Marine Inspection and Captain of the Port Savannah, Georgia; Commander, Activities Far East and Officer in Charge Marine Inspection Office Asia; and Chief, Marine Safety and Environmental Protection for the Seventh Coast Guard District, covering the southeast U.S. and Caribbean. Since his retirement from the Coast Guard in 1998, he has held the positions of Executive Vice President of Colonial Marine Industries and General Manager of Compliance Systems. He is a trained ISO 900 and ISM Internal Auditor.

Robbie Shea

Robbie Shea has been associated with Colonial Marine Industries and Compliance Systems since 1991. During his tenure, Mr. Shea has held a number of positions including: Technical Purchasing Manager, Agency Manager, and Assistant Technical Superintendent. Prior to joining Colonial Marine, Mr. Shea’s served in the Coast Guard, where he developed his skills and expertise in maritime safety, maritime law enforcement, navigation, pollution prevention, and basic engineering. As part of the Compliance Systems’ team, his primary responsibility is to assist owners in attending and preparing vessels for Coast Guard and oil major vetting inspections. Additionally, Mr. Shea has been trained by the American Bureau of Shipping as an ISM/ISO 9000 internal auditor and has attended and passed the RAB approved ISO 14001 (Environmental) Lead Auditor Course. He has conducted numerous vessel audits pursuant to these training and certifications.

Alan C. West

Alan is a 1995 graduate of the University of Georgia. Upon graduation, he began working in the maritime industry in the operations department of a steamship agency. In March 2001, Alan joined Colonial Marine Industries (parent company of CSI) as a vessel-boarding agent. In Colonial’s agency department, he continued to attend various types of vessels in several ports in the Southeast U.S. While a student at the University of Georgia, Alan enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve. In 1992, Alan graduated from the Coast Guard’s Port Safety and Security School in Yorktown, VA as a Port Security Specialist. Immediately after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Alan was ordered to active duty with the Coast Guard to help meet the sudden increased requirements for port security in the Port of Savannah. While on active duty, Alan was assigned to the new Maritime Homeland Security Department at MSO Savannah, where he conducted "sea marshal" boardings of cargo vessels, enforced shore-side and water-side security zones around high value assets, and conducted threat and security assessments of vessels and facilities. Upon release from active duty, Alan returned to Colonial Marine, and joined the team in Compliance Systems. He is a trained ISO and ISM Internal Auditor, Company Security Officer, and Ship Security Officer.

Deborah Nash – Accounts Manager

Ms. Nash directs daily global communications servicing client inquiries and coordinates inspection schedules. She has been involved in plan writing and compliance services since 1992. Ms. Nash has written OPA 90 vessel response plans, Washington State contingency plans as well as California State contingency plans for both tankers and non-tankers. Ms. Nash coordinates and secures contract agreements with the proper oil spill response organizations throughout the US and Canada. She represents CSI's interests at industry specific conferences, seminars and policy deliberations and assists in our exercise, drills and training programs. She conducts annual Spill Management Team Table Top Exercises for our clients as outlined in the PREP guidelines and has participated in several pollution response incidents. In addition, Ms. Nash co-developed our OPA 90 Shipboard Pollution Training Course and our U.S. Compliance Kit.

William D. Shrader

William is retired from the U.S. Coast Guard, having served over 23 years as a Machinery Technician aboard Coast Guard vessels and in the Coast Guard's Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Program. He is a certified U.S. Coast Guard Port State Control Inspector and has performed numerous marine safety and environmental inspections on all types of vessels calling U.S. waters. He holds various other certifications from the U.S. Coast Guard, including Incident Command System, Marine Firefighting, and Hazardous Material Incident Response.

Captain Sankaran Lakshman

Captain Lakshman is a 1982 graduate of the Indian Merchant Marine Academy. From 1982 to 1989 he served aboard various types of vessels, including VLCCs, as a deck officer. In 1989 he began service as Chief Officer aboard tankers and chemical carriers and in 1991 received his Master Mariner’s Certificate of Competency with all relevant STCW endorsements. He sailed as Master from 1992 to 1996 and then came ashore with Colonial Marine Industries and Compliance Systems, Inc. Based upon his wide and varied experience he has been tasked with a number of operational responsibilities, including ISM internal auditing, vetting inspections, Port State Control assistance, and response operations. He developed our Loss Control function and serves as manager, along with his other capacities within CSI.

Bradford Crowley

Mr. Crowley is a 1991 Coast Guard Academy graduate and served in the Coast Guard on active duty until 1997 and again for two years during 2004 and 2005 . During his Coast Guard time he had sea duty aboard a Coast Guard Cutter and shore side assignments as a marine inspector and port state control inspector. He has conducted numerous foreign vessel exams and has trained personnel on proper inspection techniques for foreign vessel inspections, including OWS operation and proper engine room waste management. He also has been trained and certified by the American Bureau of Shipping as an International Safety Management auditor.

Samual Ed Drew

Ed spent twenty-seven years in the U. S. Coast Guard, serving aboard Coast Guard vessels and in the Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Program. He retired from the Coast Guard as a Chief Warrant Officer and has considerable experience inspecting vessels. Since his retirement from the Coast Guard in 1994, Ed has performed safety and environmental audits, vetting, loss control, regulatory and safety inspections, pre-purchase inspections, classification history checks and supervision of new construction, conversions and major repair. He is certified as an ISM auditor and holds numerous other certifications including: Shipboard firefighting; OPA 90; Hazard Chemical Response; Inert Gas; Industrial Hygiene; Oil Spill Control; Deck Cargo Safety; Oily Water Separator; and Turbine/Diesel Engines.

Dennis Haynes

Dennis Haynes graduated from the Calhoun Engineering School in Baltimore, Maryland, in June of 1971. He sailed from this date until 1999 for major shipping companies under the U.S. Flag, rising from Third Assistant Engineer to Chief Engineer in 1980. After receiving his license as Chief Engineer he sailed only in this capacity with the major U.S. Shipping Companies for the remainder of his sea-going career, including eleven years as Chief Engineer with Sea-Land Services, Inc. He has also served in shore positions as Port Engineer as Chief Engineer aboard a multi-purpose vessel that does undersea construction work and oil well intervention work. He continues to maintain his License and STCW Certification.